About IFA Latm

On the initiative of the former President of IFA Global (then IFA Central), Manuel Tron, and a group of representatives of the IFA branches of Latin America, in 2007 a Committee composed of a group of countries was organized, which was constituted under the name IFA Latin American Regional Committee”. This group was later renamed IFA Latam. 

Based on the idea of holding an Annual Meeting on issues related to taxation in Latin America, and under the umbrella of IFA Global (formerly IFA Central), the interaction between the members of the Committee, assumed a more organic structure, through the establishment oh some internal rules of the Committee (“IFA Latam Regulations”) were established.

These regulations, which are available in this website, has implemented the structure of  the organization of IFA Latam. Among other issues, the Regulations provide for the representation on the Committee, the activities that will be carried out, and how it will be funded.  In this vein, IFA Latam is currently financed in essence, by means of an annual contribution received IFA branches that are members of IFA Latam, for the realization of the IFA Latam Research Award.

The IFA Latam Award is the most relevant monographic research project in tax law in Latin America. It is also organized under a bench of regulations (IFA Latam Award Regulations), which grants the first winners a series of benefits, resulting in an important stimulus for tax law research in Latin America.

Among these, the possibility of spending three months at the IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation) headquarters conducting research on the topics elected for the following year’s IFA Latam Annual Meeting, with a financial amount that is able to support the winner to stay in Europe for three months and also to travel to the country in which the IFA Latam following year would be realized

In addition to the Award, IFA Latam organizes a series of events, bilaterally or multilaterally, through its members, such as webinars and seminars.

In this context, it is worth mentioning the IFA Latam/IBFD seminar that takes place every year, and whose access is free for members of one of the branches that make up IFA Latam.

The experience of the IFA Latam Regional Committee inspired IFA Global to structure the creation of other Regional Committees.

Thus, within the organizational structure of the IFA, there are today five Regional Committees namely: IFA Latam; IFA North America, IFA Europe; IFA Africa and IFA Asia.

Each year at the IFA Annual Congress, the chairs and vice-chairs of the Regional Committees meet to discuss the activities carried out in the previous year and the strategy of activities for the following years.

For all this, undoubtedly, IFA Latam is the gateway for YIN and noon IFA members to be part of the IFA ecosystem, the largest non-governmental institution for the study and development of taxation in the world.