Until 03/14 (USD)

Until 05/30 (USD)

After 05/31 (USD)

ABDF/IFA non member

$ 500,00

$ 550,00

$ 630,00

ABDF/IFA member

$ 400,00

$ 450,00

$ 550,00


$ 350,00

$ 400,00

$ 550,00

Accompanying person

$ 80,00

$ 80,00

$ 80,00


Registration system

To register, you must fill out the registration form with your personal information. When registering, you must provide an e-mail address (which will be your login) to access your restricted registration area.

Make sure your e-mail address provided in the form is correct, as it will be used for all our communications with you.

Registration will only be completed once the payment has been confirmed.

The registration of a companion does not allow access to the scientific program.

Payment methods

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Proof of category:

At the time of your registration, you will be asked to provide proof of your academic status (listing the institution and course). Failure to provide your valid proof will result in full payment (non-member category) or cancellation of the registration without refund.

Refund Policy

Refunds will only be given upon written request, justifying the reason for the cancellation. The request should be sent to the event’s Executive Secretariat by e-mail:, with the subject: CANCELLATION OF REGISTRATION – NAME OF PARTICIPANT.

– Up until June 1, 2024, full refund of the amount paid, deducting the fees charged by the credit card, paypal or bank fee:

  • Credit card – 2.70% + R$0.30 + 2%
  • PayPal – 11,90%
  • Wire transfer – 0,38% + R$55,00 (bank fee)

– From June 02, 2024: no refunds available.

– Deadline for payment: up to 30 days after the congress.

If you choose to make a wire transfer, please find below the bank details required to complete the transaction:

Intermediate bank (field 56):

Account with: Jpmorgan Chase Bank

Swift Code: CHASUS33

Beneficiary bank (field 57):

In favor of Itaú Unibanco S.A.

Swift Code: ITAUBRSP

Final beneficiary (field 59):


Address: Rua da Assembleia, 10 sala 1613, Centro, Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP: 20011-901.

CNPJ: nº 34.167.239/0001-72

Branch number / Account number: 8240 / 0023865- 2

IBAN: BR3360701190082400000238652C1

Only the attendee can request a refund of the registration fee. Refunds will be made directly into a bank account with the attendee as account holder.

Registration transfer

The Organizing Committee will accept the transfer of a registration to another participant only within the same category. The request must be made by e-mail:, by June 1, 2024.

Authorization of use of image

We inform you that your image, whether in videos or photos, may be displayed on social networks and YouTube, during and after the event.

The purpose of this use will be to promote the important technical information contained within, as well as to promote IFA LATAM, ABDF and the event.

The simple confirmation of your participation in the event, without any express reservation as to the subsequent use of your image and its content by ABDF, for the purposes informed above, will configure the consent for such publication.